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In-between on Halloween

In Utah, Halloween is a big deal. We go all out on decorations, pretty much every neighborhood has a variety of parties and even the college students...

A black cat, another common historical symbol of Halloween. The Celts were also superstitious about cats, viewing them as sacred (ALY41980 / Wikimedia Commons)

A history of Halloween

Witches, spirits, zombies and candy come together each year at the end of October in the celebration we call Halloween. The history of the celebration is not...

Senior Ryley Hansen takes control of the ball from an NAU player during Friday's game.
 (Ariana Berkemeier / The Signpost)

Ryley Hansen can do it all

On many sports teams, you have players who play in set positions, set places. In football, wide receivers catch the ball, in soccer, goalies keep the ball out...