Best Late Night Food Around Campus

The city of Ogden, Utah is a very nice place to visit as it offers something great for any visitor. It is a charming city with rich history, many historical spots and old buildings. It is home of the popular Weber State University and it is also close to the picturesque Wasatch Mountains where you can explore and enjoy the surroundings.

Besides all that, Ogden is also known for its good cuisine and many nice options when it comes to where and what to eat. There are restaurants and bars for any taste, so be prepared to taste and enjoy all kinds of dishes. No matter whether you are in the mood for a nice steak, sushi, Mexican or International food – quality and friendly service is always at your disposal without long wait time. If you are lucky to be in Ogden, Utah, make sure you explore the numerous fine restaurants and eateries where you will enjoy great food and service.

Places to Eat Late At Night

One of the top places to visit for your culinary adventures at night is the Historic 25th Street in Ogden. It is the main place for dining and shopping. There are many other spots to visit as well, so explore a bit and you will definitely find something according your taste.

  • Time Pub & Grub is a good place to visit for late night food. It works up until one o`clock in the morning and there is very lively atmosphere. The service is quick and all food you order is prepared with fresh ingredients. Even the hamburgers and other fast food options taste much better than other places.
  • Brewski’s is another great late-night place to go to at 25th It is open until 1 AM and it offers delicious grill, over twenty taps, pizza, sandwiches and other finger foods. It also has TVs for those interested in watching sports and there are often local bands that perform there. A really nice place where you can relax and enjoy nice food.
  • Kamikazes – House of Rock is a cool place to go to for a late night Greek food and other snacks and sandwiches. It also features local rock bands and karaoke.
  • Lighthouse Lounge is a friendly place with many good eating options. Different nights have different menus and the drink selection is pretty decent. A place well worth visiting for any type of food you are interested in tasting.
  • Funk ‘n Dive Bar on Washington Boulevard in Ogden has two floors, a couple of pool tables and it offers really nice atmosphere. It is not too crowded for its great location and often there is nice romantic music at night. There are many food options to choose from and it is open up until 2 AM.
  • The Outlaw Saloon is another great place that works until 2 AM. Burgers are great, staff is friendly, and atmosphere is very lively at all times.

Popular Dating Apps Among Students

Maybe it sounds like a strange concept for students to use online apps for dating when they can meet someone in person whenever they feel like it. However, online dating apps took the world by a storm and changed the way in which students meet, interact and date someone. Today you can find many examples of people meeting their significant other through these applications. There are many examples of students who have met through dating apps, got married and lived happily ever after. So the answer to the question – are college students using dating apps is definitely yes. There are number of reasons why that is. The following are the main ones.

Why Students Use Dating Apps

One of the main reasons for that is because meeting people in the real world is often difficult. Many students find it challenging to meet someone they like with whom they can go on dates, eat lunch, or go to the movies. Also it takes time before you actually get to know someone that way. On the other side, with help of dating apps things are going much better. With help of good dating app students can first become friends with someone before they proceed towards something more serious. If the things are not working out romantically, there is no problem for one of the people to befriend the other person without any drama.

Second good reason why students use dating apps is because it eliminates nervousness, anxiety and tension of meeting people in person for the first time. Meeting someone live without previously talking a bit to him or her and knowing at least something can make a person very nervous. An example of a great no commitment dating app that has a flawless communication feature is Casual Fuck App.  Apps take that away because you can easily break the ice with someone you do not know before meeting them in person. There is no pressure, you can take things slowly and respond whenever you want, which are a few things that young people really like. If you find someone that you like then great, if not then it is no big deal. You can proceed towards next person on the app you find attractive and interesting.

Finally, meeting someone through dating apps is super easy and convenient. Most students do not have enough time or money to constantly go out in bars and pubs to meet people. Plus a lot of students are looking for flings and us apps like Fuckbuddy Now and Fuck Finder App.  Dating apps cut down the path towards meeting someone. Today there are all kinds of dating apps and every young person can find someone regardless of whether they are interested in quick hookups or long-term commitments. All that is required is just spend a few minutes on the app, quickly browse through profiles, like and send message to someone you are interested in. That is it. It is quick, easy and simple way of meeting someone whenever you feel like it. Modern technology definitely changed the way people meet and date someone and we will likely see another big boom in using these apps among young student population.

Video Games and Colleges

Video gaming plays big part of people`s lives nowadays. Games are becoming more and more advanced with all kinds of features and options. Educational games can be very helpful for many and their number constantly rises in the recent years. Today games have become great learning tools for students that get a chance to learn in fun, educational and experimental way. By playing educational video games students can practice and perfect their essential skills. A bit by bit video games have entered many graduate schools, so universities and colleges started implementing video gaming labs into their programs. Top colleges need to stay up to date with the latest trend, and truth is that video games have become an integral part of educational training of students who are looking to become doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs.

Why Video Gaming Is Popular

There are plenty of reasons why gaming is popular, but one of the top reasons is because well-designed video games are attractive and engaging. The element of engagement is crucial when it comes to bringing video games to attention of teachers and other educators at colleges. By engaging students into the learning process through video games, they are becoming more eager to learn and improve their education. That is why schools started to acknowledge that fact and started building video gaming labs for their educators in order to engage their students more into the learning process. One major requirement for implementation of video gaming labs is having the necessary hardware. Unlike past decades when there was limited access, today students and teachers have almost unlimited access to all kinds of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

How Video Gaming Helps Students

Schools started accepting video gaming reality because times have changed a lot. Today there is a generation of teachers and educators who were all raised on playing video games. The average age of gamers today is not teens, but somewhere in the range of mid-30s. The new generation of active gamer teachers is more willing to experiment with video gaming tools and educational games in order to teach their students. Some of these educators can even modify certain games in order to fit the educational goals. Today there are many successful examples of video games that have been properly adapted for use in college classrooms. These games are not based on eliminating opponents and things like that, but they are designed to engage students and promote creativity, socialization, problem solving and critical thinking.

Reality is that video games are getting more and more included into the society and academics is no exception of that. Specific academics areas like economics, art history, sociology, neurology, brain science and others have all focused on video gaming education. There are numerous benefits that come from video games and that is why many successful universities and colleges are implementing them into their educational programs. The future is finally here and the new generation of students gets to enjoy learning thorough fun and engaging activity.

About Our Athletic Department

Athletic departments of universities are often the deal-breaker when it comes to picking where to continue education. Students value in high regard those universities that have good athletic departments and offer variety of athletic options. Weber State University is one of those schools that have a quality athletic department that made the school proud over the years. The men`s and women`s athletic programs at Weber State University include sports like football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball, golf, cross country and track and field. Besides the athletic programs mentioned, at Weber State University you will also find over a dozen different sports in the Campus Recreation category, including rugby, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse, archery, bowling, billiards, fencing, cycling, rodeo, martial arts, snowboarding, skiing, rock-climbing, wrestling and weightlifting.

University Colors, Competitions and Rivalries

Weber State University colors by which they are recognizable in sports competitions are purple, white and black. The nickname of sports teams is Wildcats, which is another common name for bobcat. Wildcat, or bobcat, is a native animal of the area hence the team nickname. The mascot of the teams is called ‘Waldo the Wildcat’, and the mascot is known for his cheerful mood during the games of WSU Wildcats.

WSU Wildcats teams are participating in the NCAA Division One in the Big Sky Conference. The home football stadium is called Stewart Stadium, famous for the great atmosphere whenever Wildcats play important home games. Besides Stewart Stadium, another great place with a fantastic game atmosphere is the Dee Events Center when men`s and women`s basketball teams play.

Basketball is something Weber State University is good at and the team often performed well in its division. WSU Men`s basketball team is ranked among the top 25 teams in the NCAA Division One with highest winning percentage in history. In the mid 2000s, WSU was listed among the fifty top basketball programs across USA, and back in 2009 the WSU Wildcats won the Big Sky Conference championship for 18th time in its history. Besides those successes, men`s basketball team has caused a couple of major upsets in the round one of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Back in 1995 they eliminated Michigan State who were ranked third to win the tournament, and in 1999 they eliminated the strong team of North Carolina who were also seeded as third in that tournament.

When it comes to biggest rivalries, the main rivals of Weber State University Wildcats in the Big Sky Conference are Idaho State University, both in basketball and football. Regarding in-state rivalries, Southern Utah University are main rivals to Weber State University in Utah ever since they joined the Big Sky Conference back in 2012.

Bottom line is that WSU has a lot of programs to offer in the athletic department and it is an attractive school to represent at different sports competitions. Variety of programs, good fan base and strong competition make Weber State University athletic department popular among many young students that want to succeed in the field of sports.

The History of Weber State University


Weber State University is public-funded university located in Ogden, in the state of Utah, USA. It offers bachelors, associate`s and master`s degrees, as well as certificates in technical, professional and liberal arts knowledge.


Founding Year and Names

This popular school in the state of Utah has a very rich history. It has been founded back in year 1889 and it was first known as Weber Stake Academy. Later it changed its name a few times and was also known as Weber Normal College, Weber Academy and Weber College. In 1933 it was a Weber College that upgraded into Weber State College in 1962. The first time this school gained status as University was back in 1991 under which name it’s known until this present day – Weber State University.


Early History

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were the founders of Weber State University in 1889. The word “Weber” in the name of the University comes from the county in which this university is located. The Weber County got its name in remembrance of John Henry Weber, who was a fur trader back in the early days. First day from which the university started accepting students was January 7th 1889, when the first 98 students started their education at this university. Louis F. Moench was the first principal of the university, serving two terms between years 1889-1892 and 1894-1902.


20th Century and Present Day

Early 20th century was the period during which the school underwent name changes a few times. In the founding years the school was called Weber Stake Academy up until 1897. Then in 1902 was renamed into Weber Academy, then it became Weber Normal College in 1918 and Weber College in 1922. The late 20s of past century were the years when the college was going through a lot of financial problems. The founders – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were left with four options to choose the destiny of the college. They had to either shut down the college, transfer it to partner with city of Ogden in the Weber County, transfer it to Utah as junior college, or transfer it to become branch part of the University of Utah. In 1931 a law was passed by the Utah Legislature by which the Weber College was acquired from the LDS Church.

During the 30s of past century the college finally stabilized itself and became a junior college in 1933 with support of the state of Utah. Weber College was long time located in the downtown of Ogden before being moved to a bigger and more scenic space in the southeast part of Ogden in 1954. In 1962 the school changed its name into Weber State College and since 1964 it is a four-year college. Finally, in 1991 Weber State College upgraded its status to Weber State University under which name they are known until today. Today Weber State University is a major school in the state of Utah, accepting American and International students from all over the world.