The History of Weber State University


Weber State University is public-funded university located in Ogden, in the state of Utah, USA. It offers bachelors, associate`s and master`s degrees, as well as certificates in technical, professional and liberal arts knowledge.


Founding Year and Names

This popular school in the state of Utah has a very rich history. It has been founded back in year 1889 and it was first known as Weber Stake Academy. Later it changed its name a few times and was also known as Weber Normal College, Weber Academy and Weber College. In 1933 it was a Weber College that upgraded into Weber State College in 1962. The first time this school gained status as University was back in 1991 under which name it’s known until this present day – Weber State University.


Early History

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were the founders of Weber State University in 1889. The word “Weber” in the name of the University comes from the county in which this university is located. The Weber County got its name in remembrance of John Henry Weber, who was a fur trader back in the early days. First day from which the university started accepting students was January 7th 1889, when the first 98 students started their education at this university. Louis F. Moench was the first principal of the university, serving two terms between years 1889-1892 and 1894-1902.


20th Century and Present Day

Early 20th century was the period during which the school underwent name changes a few times. In the founding years the school was called Weber Stake Academy up until 1897. Then in 1902 was renamed into Weber Academy, then it became Weber Normal College in 1918 and Weber College in 1922. The late 20s of past century were the years when the college was going through a lot of financial problems. The founders – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were left with four options to choose the destiny of the college. They had to either shut down the college, transfer it to partner with city of Ogden in the Weber County, transfer it to Utah as junior college, or transfer it to become branch part of the University of Utah. In 1931 a law was passed by the Utah Legislature by which the Weber College was acquired from the LDS Church.

During the 30s of past century the college finally stabilized itself and became a junior college in 1933 with support of the state of Utah. Weber College was long time located in the downtown of Ogden before being moved to a bigger and more scenic space in the southeast part of Ogden in 1954. In 1962 the school changed its name into Weber State College and since 1964 it is a four-year college. Finally, in 1991 Weber State College upgraded its status to Weber State University under which name they are known until today. Today Weber State University is a major school in the state of Utah, accepting American and International students from all over the world.