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Spring break countdown begins now

Spring break in 14, 13, 12 days and counting. Students everywhere are counting down the days and minutes until spring break begins. The weeklong break allows students to sleep,...

Sriracha has moved into the American mainstream: What hot Asian ingredients are next?

Sneak Peek: Tasty Thursday

Students and faculty will try food from different Asian countries during Tasty Thursday (Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City Star/TNS) Weber State University  Multicultural Student Center is hosting Tasty Thursday....

(Left to Right) Quincy Murphy (President of UVU Spectrum), Karlee Berezay, Phylicia McCord, Kate Martinson (Emily Crooks/ The Signpost)

LGBT resource center now open

Students, faculty and staff gathered in the Student Services Center Tuesday to celebrate the long awaited opening of the LGBT resource center. All who attended the event...