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WSUSA inauguration to usher in new student leaders

The inauguration of the 2014-15 Weber State University Student Association will be held at the duck pond on April 18. The event will also celebrate the work the 2013-14 government has done during its reign and discuss changes the new staff has planned. “To me, inauguration is one of the most important events all year,” […]

Weber State is the home of many reputations. From lackluster to scholarly, cheap to obscure, homebound to inner city, Weber State is constantly construed in several different lights that can’t seem to agree. Regardless of whatever light WSU is set in, most can clearly agree that students have a hard time getting involved. It’s understandable. […]

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WSU announces new student senators

Senate winners celebrated in the Shepherd Union Atrium on Friday during the 2014-15 election winners announcement. However, the lack of student body presence showed a disconnect between Student Involvement & Leadership and the Weber State University community. Less than 100 students attended the celebration. The senator receiving the highest total number of votes was Samuel […]

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Harris pursues student regent position

Student senate president Brady Harris, having decided not to run for senate this year, will not be a member of the Weber State University Student Association for the first time in four years after this semester. “Brady has accomplished so much in WSUSA,” said David Wilson, student body president. “I think it is time for […]

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WSUSA to implement smoking zone signs in fall

Although the Weber State University Student Association passed its resolution for a smoke-free campus in both the 2010-11 and the 2011-12 session, most of the signs enforcing the policy won’t be seen until this coming fall semester. In the 2010-11 year, a student petition went around campus to find a solution to the smoking issues […]

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Elections approach for student senate

Weber State University students interested in running for a student senate seat must register with the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership in the Shepherd Union Building, Room 326, before Friday at noon. The senate has recently cut the spending limits for election campaigns in the hopes of encouraging students to run for positions. Spending limits […]

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