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Five Crazy Headlines

Five crazy headlines

From a newly-discovered vampire grave to a grandmother sending texts from beyond the grave, here’s this week’s five crazy headlines! Archaeologists uncover ‘vampire’ graveyard in Bulgaria Last...

Since the Ebola scare, health organizations have adopted contact tracing to keep Ebola from spreading (Source: MCT)

WSU responds to Ebola concerns

With the recent death of Liberian Thomas Duncan in Dallas, as well as the infection of his nurse, every eye in the nation has been turned to...

Senate Bill 54, a compromise between Count My Vote and the traditional party caucus system, passed earlier this year in the state legislature. (Source: Walker Institute)

WSU tackles Count My Vote compromise

Richard Kendall, Weber State alumnus and former Davis School District superintendent, stood before a panel discussion sponsored by WSU’s Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public...