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Sonora Grill raises money for WSU scholarship

Ogden’s Sonora Grill hosted its second annual Dining for Dollars event Thursday. All of the sales earned throughout the day were donated to the Sonora Grill Scholarship Fund, supporting first-generation college students at Weber State University. With the restaurant open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., the event raised $12,000 just in sales, which was […]

Wasatch Savage: Kalu Yala is calling

For me, this adventure started in a cubicle. It started when I landed a job in the mortgage industry as a 19-year-old and the promise of a comfortable commission tempted me away from my pursuit of education. I was a 9-to-5, business-casual teenager who soon met the beast of daily boredom. After nearly a year of […]

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Student samples water in Guatemala for study

Graduation for many students means testing the waters of life outside college. But for senior Emma Bentley, testing the waters was part of her undergraduate research. Bentley, who has put time and effort into testing the water in Guatemala, has spoken at different schools about her findings. “I went to Guatemala — it was last […]

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WSU student leader works on community garden

Weber State University provides a food pantry for students in need. The pantry is full of canned and dried foods to help meet students’ needs. The pantry has been a success on campus, but it doesn’t provide students with fresh food. Currently, WSU is working on creating a garden that will provide fresh fruits and […]

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WSU student Ian Crookston accepted to Harvard

Ian Crookston, a senior at Weber State University, will attend Harvard University after he graduates this spring. He will participate in Harvard’s Master of Arts program in regional studies of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. “Ian is a remarkable student who has been accepted to one of the nation’s most prestigious graduate programs,” said Brandon Little, […]

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WSU track star aims for Olympics

Winners win — it is that simple. The great ones are not carried to the top, but scratch and claw their way up the steep and treacherous path. Sweat, tears and blood accompany the accolades they receive. For the past four years, Weber State University has had one of those winners in its midst in […]

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