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10-4 Mt. Ogden Hike (Ariana Berkemeier)  (10 of 13)

92nd annual Mount Ogden hike

On Oct. 4, 1922, over 350 students and faculty set off on the first Mount Ogden hike. Ninety-two years later, the tradition continues to kick off homecoming at Weber...

NUAMES, a high school with plenty of science-oriented activities, but no competitive sports teams (

No homecoming? No problem

For many people, looking back to their best high school days means highlighting their homecoming game and dance experience – but it works a little differently at...

Because of my father, I check to make sure the bread I eat has only four ingredients: flour, water, sugar and salt  (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune).

A family’s influence on food

A recurring command spoken in my parents’ house: “Don’t eat aspartame or you will die.” This phrase is spoken by my 9-year-old brother, who wholeheartedly believes in...