Best Late Night Food Around Campus

The city of Ogden, Utah is a very nice place to visit as it offers something great for any visitor. It is a charming city with rich history, many historical spots and old buildings. It is home of the popular Weber State University and it is also close to the picturesque Wasatch Mountains where you can explore and enjoy the surroundings.

Besides all that, Ogden is also known for its good cuisine and many nice options when it comes to where and what to eat. There are restaurants and bars for any taste, so be prepared to taste and enjoy all kinds of dishes. No matter whether you are in the mood for a nice steak, sushi, Mexican or International food – quality and friendly service is always at your disposal without long wait time. If you are lucky to be in Ogden, Utah, make sure you explore the numerous fine restaurants and eateries where you will enjoy great food and service.

Places to Eat Late At Night

One of the top places to visit for your culinary adventures at night is the Historic 25th Street in Ogden. It is the main place for dining and shopping. There are many other spots to visit as well, so explore a bit and you will definitely find something according your taste.

  • Time Pub & Grub is a good place to visit for late night food. It works up until one o`clock in the morning and there is very lively atmosphere. The service is quick and all food you order is prepared with fresh ingredients. Even the hamburgers and other fast food options taste much better than other places.
  • Brewski’s is another great late-night place to go to at 25th It is open until 1 AM and it offers delicious grill, over twenty taps, pizza, sandwiches and other finger foods. It also has TVs for those interested in watching sports and there are often local bands that perform there. A really nice place where you can relax and enjoy nice food.
  • Kamikazes – House of Rock is a cool place to go to for a late night Greek food and other snacks and sandwiches. It also features local rock bands and karaoke.
  • Lighthouse Lounge is a friendly place with many good eating options. Different nights have different menus and the drink selection is pretty decent. A place well worth visiting for any type of food you are interested in tasting.
  • Funk ‘n Dive Bar on Washington Boulevard in Ogden has two floors, a couple of pool tables and it offers really nice atmosphere. It is not too crowded for its great location and often there is nice romantic music at night. There are many food options to choose from and it is open up until 2 AM.
  • The Outlaw Saloon is another great place that works until 2 AM. Burgers are great, staff is friendly, and atmosphere is very lively at all times.