About Our Athletic Department

Athletic departments of universities are often the deal-breaker when it comes to picking where to continue education. Students value in high regard those universities that have good athletic departments and offer variety of athletic options. Weber State University is one of those schools that have a quality athletic department that made the school proud over the years. The men`s and women`s athletic programs at Weber State University include sports like football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball, golf, cross country and track and field. Besides the athletic programs mentioned, at Weber State University you will also find over a dozen different sports in the Campus Recreation category, including rugby, baseball, ice hockey, lacrosse, archery, bowling, billiards, fencing, cycling, rodeo, martial arts, snowboarding, skiing, rock-climbing, wrestling and weightlifting.

University Colors, Competitions and Rivalries

Weber State University colors by which they are recognizable in sports competitions are purple, white and black. The nickname of sports teams is Wildcats, which is another common name for bobcat. Wildcat, or bobcat, is a native animal of the area hence the team nickname. The mascot of the teams is called ‘Waldo the Wildcat’, and the mascot is known for his cheerful mood during the games of WSU Wildcats.

WSU Wildcats teams are participating in the NCAA Division One in the Big Sky Conference. The home football stadium is called Stewart Stadium, famous for the great atmosphere whenever Wildcats play important home games. Besides Stewart Stadium, another great place with a fantastic game atmosphere is the Dee Events Center when men`s and women`s basketball teams play.

Basketball is something Weber State University is good at and the team often performed well in its division. WSU Men`s basketball team is ranked among the top 25 teams in the NCAA Division One with highest winning percentage in history. In the mid 2000s, WSU was listed among the fifty top basketball programs across USA, and back in 2009 the WSU Wildcats won the Big Sky Conference championship for 18th time in its history. Besides those successes, men`s basketball team has caused a couple of major upsets in the round one of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Back in 1995 they eliminated Michigan State who were ranked third to win the tournament, and in 1999 they eliminated the strong team of North Carolina who were also seeded as third in that tournament.

When it comes to biggest rivalries, the main rivals of Weber State University Wildcats in the Big Sky Conference are Idaho State University, both in basketball and football. Regarding in-state rivalries, Southern Utah University are main rivals to Weber State University in Utah ever since they joined the Big Sky Conference back in 2012.

Bottom line is that WSU has a lot of programs to offer in the athletic department and it is an attractive school to represent at different sports competitions. Variety of programs, good fan base and strong competition make Weber State University athletic department popular among many young students that want to succeed in the field of sports.