My temple experience

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  1. Dallin Cottle says:

    Great article! As an active temple going member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I would have to say that looks are not even 1% of why I go to the temple. Sorry to add another one to your bucket list, but if you want the full temple experience it is in what is taught and done after it is dedicated that is amazing.

  1. September 2, 2014

    […] Skyler Pyle of the Weber State University publication “The Signpost” talks about her experience as a non-Mormon touring the Ogden LDS temple, noting her anticipation having heard so much about LDS temples and the LDS temple experience: “I walked across the garden corridor, from the Tabernacle to the temple, and a burst of excitement went through me: “Oh jeeze, I’m about to see into their secret world.” My imagination was much more vivid when I was younger, but I still had some pretty elaborate ideas about the secret things that happen in “The Temple.”” But Skyler also acknowledges that, even in an “open” experience like a temple tour, she still found the culture to be different: “It was all a little too Stepford-ish for me. When a woman in our group called for someone ahead of her, she got looked at by other visitors with distaste and she was even reprimanded by the tour guides. Her being “shshushed” made me revisit the kind of treatment I got when I was younger, because I have always been just a visitor who didn’t want to conform or be obedient. “The Temple” had been so secretive, private and built up in my mind over the years, seeing it didn’t give me the satisfaction I expected, although the rooms for all the hush-hush things you hear happen at temples were way more extravagant than I had imagined. I envisioned darker upholstery and more color, probably because that is what most churches look like, not uncomfortably sterile and untouchable.”” […]

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