Five tips to make exercising in college easier

It’s common knowledge that exercising is a crucial part of being healthy. However, as busy college students, it’s hard to find time to get a proper exercise session in. Not to mention the fact that gym memberships are not cheap!


(Graphic By: Autumn Mariano)

But getting regular exercise doesn’t have to be as hard as we all imagine it to be. Check out some of these tips to make sure you’re getting at least a little bit of exercise in every day.

Take advantage of the gym on campus: Weber State has just added a new gym for students to use free of charge as long as they have their Wildcat card.

If you have an hour between classes to kill, run up and get in a quick, 30-minute workout. Exercising regularly can help you be more focused in class and can help wake you up if you’re feeling sleepy.

Research shower circuits: Pinterest is overflowing with these brilliant little exercises called “shower circuits.” They are quick little workouts that you can do before you jump in the shower.

My favorite shower circuit includes 25 jumping jacks, 25 sit-ups, 15 push-ups, a 60-second wall sit and a 60-second plank. You can complete the circuit as many times as you want.

Make up your own shower circuit and change it up often, or find one that suits you on Pinterest.

Find TV show-specific workouts: Netflix and working out don’t go together, do they? Thanks to the overflow of TV show-specific workouts on the Internet, now they can. These workouts are full of quick, little exercise techniques you can do while watching your favorite TV shows or movies. Each workout is customized to a particular show and has an exercise for you to do every time something specific occurs.

For instance, one of my favorites was the Bachelor workout. While watching the Bachelor, every time someone was kissed I had to do 25 lunges. And every time a girl cried, I had to plank for two minutes. These are perfect for making TV time productive.

Take the stairs: This is something that seems to be a universal tip for keeping your body healthy. I know it’s incredibly cliché, but it works!

The buildings at Weber State are full of upper-floor classes, so instead of waiting for that elevator, use the stairs and save some time. You may be huffing and puffing by the time you get to class, but eventually you’ll be in such good shape you won’t give taking the stairs a second thought.

Walk: Another cliché. If you live close enough to wherever it is you want to go, leave the car keys on the counter and take a walk.

Not only will the sunshine benefit your vitamin D levels, but walking can clear your head and help you think more clearly. You’ll also save money on gas and help the environment while you’re at it.

Exercising doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to think about it and make time to do it, even if it’s 15 minutes here or there. The benefits of regular exercise are so much more than just a healthy body. Exercising can help you be more focused on your school work, more awake for your classes and more productive in everyday life.

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