That Hot Dog Place hits a hidden spot


Front view of That Hot dog Place located in the Golden Spike Technology Park. (Photo by: Derrick Gainsforth)

Everyday as I drive home on 1900 W., I see it. Located off the east corner of 4000 S., it sits parked. Like a shinning, guiding star it taunts me: the hot dog car.

No, I’m not talking about the famous Wienermobile by Oscar Mayer, it’s a silver hatchback with a giant hot dog logo plastered on the side. What does a car have to do with a food review? This hatchback acts as the only beacon available to guide customers¬†to the hot dog haven known as That Hot Dog Place.

That Hot Dog Place has already created its own cult following since it opened in January 2013. With customer praises plastered into the decor and stories of lines stretching out the front door, I knew I was about to experience something special.

The first menu item I was served is called a Giuseppe Dog, a half-pound hot dog topped with thick-cut pastrami, Swiss cheese, and That Hot Dog Place’s special sauce. This monstrous dog lay nestled in a pillow soft bun and included spears of fresh pickles.


The Giuseppe Dog features a half-pound hot dog, pastrami and Swiss cheese. (Photo by: Derrick Gainsforth)

This may have been the first time a hot dog has both enticed and terrified me. Weighing in at roughly one pound, the Giuseppe Dog was not a light snack. However, the combination of quality meats was complemented by simple, yet effective execution.

This dog is a great change of pace from the burger and fries we’ve come so accustomed to. I was surprised when I found out That Hot Dog Place also has burgers on the menu. With the long established Warren’s Drive-in and Burger Bar located nearby, it’s a bold move for a place known for hot dogs to also be in the burger game, especially if you’re the new guy in town.


The Mount dOgden features a half-pound Angus patty, hot dog and all-beef chill. (Photo by: Derrick Gainsforth)

Next, I was served one of the joint’s most popular dishes, The Mount dOgden.

The Mount dOgden consists of a true half-pound Angus patty, topped with a butterflied hot dog and smothered with fresh, all-beef chili. The concoction sat atop an in-house baked bun, laced with the restaurant’s top secret special sauce and finished off with a blanket of shredded cheddar cheese.

This burger might possibly be the best of its kind in Weber county. I used to travel up to a bar in Huntsville just to get a weenie burger this good. That Hot Dog Place has done it better, closer to home and with finer ingredients. With a burger that heavy, it was surprisingly refreshing. I attributed this to its fresh, top-shelf ingredients.

The final menu item I tried was their much talked about caramel frozen custard. I’m not going to go into elaborate detail about this dessert dish, because there’s truly only one thing that mattered: the caramel. The sticky, glistening ball of sugar was so pure it was almost as dark as chocolate. Combined with a soft and creamy frozen vanilla custard, this was a savoy, light way to end a fun, inexpensive eating experience.

That Hot Dog Place offers a dive-style atmosphere with Americana food offerings, containing¬†gourmet ingredients. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, uniquely Weber County experience, That Hot Dog Place in Roy is the place to go.

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