Lighthouse Lounge spotlights local talent


Sidewalk view of Lighthouse Lounge. (Source: Derrick Gainsforth)

Since reopening in 2011, the Lighthouse Lounge has been bringing new attractions to the Ogden area.

The once gritty adult entertainment club has transformed itself into a popular lounge spot for Ogden’s college scene. Equipped with a full bar, grilled menu items and an outdoor smoking area, the Lighthouse Lounge provides a perfect place for patrons to unwind.

Located on Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, Lighthouse Lounge is host to several music events including live band performances, karaoke nights and an after-party show from the weekly Ogden amphitheater series.

“(Lighthouse Lounge) is working hard and promoting,” said Ogden musician Jon Turner. “They host the after-party show from the weekly Ogden amphitheater shows. I was there last night after the Humming Bird Hotel and Lady Legs and it was awesome!”

Turner and his band The Highway Thieves have frequently played at the establishment, bringing their self-proclaimed “whiskey folk rock” to the center stage of Lighthouse Lounge.

“The lighthouse is just as it sounds,” Turner said. “In my humble opinion, it is a shining light in the Ogden music scene! I can’t be thankful enough to venues like this one for giving us a place to play!”

Turner also said he will be host to the weekly series at the Lighthouse Lounge called Ogden Unplugged.

“Ogden Unplugged is an acoustic open mic jam that features local and national acts,” Turner said. “I’m really excited for it and to work with a venue so dedicated to supporting local music!”

Ogden musicians are excited for the changes the Lighthouse Lounge has made in the Ogden music scene by providing a clean environment for drinking-aged adults to enjoy live music with a staff who treats them justly.

Chris Guida, former drummer for the local rock band Cereal Killer said, “I have played there before and I had a great experience.” Guida said, praising the professionalism of Lighthouse Lounge. “(The) staff was nice . . . I highly recommend playing there if you are in a band.”

Aside from Lighthouse Lounge’s musical offerings, the venue also functions as a sports bar and entertainment hot spot. The Lighthouse Lounge took part in this year’s Ogden Art Stroll, welcoming the Divine Sister-Misters drag queen performance. The venue has also hosted an assortment of diverse events, including boxing weigh-ins, major sporting event parties and wedding and birthday celebrations.

Weber State alumni and founder of the Nurture the Creative Mind foundation Amir Jackson said, “(Lighthouse Lounge) is definitely an overlooked gem . . . It has one of the best lounge room spaces in Ogden and you wouldn’t expect it, but the food is great.”

Jackson acknowledged the improvements the Lighthouse Lounge has made.

“I am familiar with its reputation as a seedy bar, but the new ownership has completely remodeled it’s image,” Jackson said.


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