Epic Rap Battles of History: Science Episodes

Let’s face it – we all have those days when homework just doesn’t happen. Math and history? Yawn. We’d much rather spend our time watching random internet videos – check out a few from epicrapbattlesofhistory.com. Pssst . . . the science ones are the best!

  • Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison
Tesla brags of his great fashion sense

Tesla brags of his great fashion sense.

Favorite line: “I don’t alternate flow, I diss you directly.” – Edison

When a roommate or nosy librarian scolds you for spending valuable study time on this video, you can argue it’s a learning experience – no joke. How else would you have learned the “impeccably dressed” Tesla had OCD and Edison didn’t really invent the light bulb? While they rap it out and dance it off, Tesla models facial hair perfection.

  • Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates
Jobs disses on business rival Gates

Jobs disses on business rival Gates.

Favorite line: “Beating you is Apple II easy.” – Jobs

Kudos to the producers – they basically nailed the wardrobe on this one! In his trademark black turtleneck, Jobs references himself as a pimp and beats on the younger Gates, who seems genuinely offended. Poor guy. Girls, girls, you’re both pretty – can we all just calm down now?

  • Einstein vs. Stephen Hawking
Scientist Albert Einstien disses on opponent  Stephen Hawking

Scientist Albert Einstien disses on opponent Stephen Hawking.

Favorite line: “I’m like a super-computer, you’re like a TI-82.” – Hawking

Before you watch this one, just a fair warning: Hawking gets some intense eyebrow action going to intimidate his opponent, and may I just say, it does get pretty creepy. Einstein cleverly coins the term “Hawk-ward” to describe how Hawking fans would feel for him to lose this rap battle. Quite conveniently, you get to vote on the winner. Feels good to know someone cares for your opinion, doesn’t it?

  • Sir Isaac Newton vs. Bill Nye
Isaac Newton shows off his glamorous hair in an Epic Rap Battle

Isaac Newton shows off his glamorous hair in an Epic Rap Battle.

Favorite line: “You wrote the book on gravity, but you couldn’t attract no body.” – Nye

Wow, according to this video, Newton sure made some crazy faces! Nye starts getting verbally beaten and his buddy “Astrophysics Black Guy”, Neil deGrasse Tyson pops up to loyally defend him. Just goes to show, where we be without friends? A lesson gleaned from this video: Tyson “puts the swag back in science.”

Beyond these, the Epic Rap Battles of History website features duels between art, sports, political and even biblical characters.

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