Science Weekly: Studies show cell phones may cause infertility

New data shows 14 percent of couples that live in a high or middle income country suffer from fertility problems.  Researchers are starting to believe that the radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation  that is emitted by cell phones and other similar devices are having a negative effect on fertility.

The University of Exeter conducted a study which was published in “Environment International” that suggests men who put their cellphone in the pocket of their pants may be reducing their chances of fatherhood.

The department of biosciences at the university conducted reviews of 10 studies with 1492 semen samples in the hope they could figure out the role of cell phone exposure in male infertility.

The samples and participants in the studies were from research centers as well as fertility clinics.  The quality of the semen samples was tested in three ways: the mobility of the sperm, the proportion of the live sperm to dead sperm as well as the number of sperm per unit of semen.

In the control groups, as high as 85 percent of sperm had normal movement, but fell an average of eight percent when exposed to cell phones.  Exposure to cell phones also affected the vitality of the sperm.  However, the results were inconclusive on whether or not cellphones affected the sperm count.

The results of the study were consistent across all controlled vitro studies conducted on men in the general populous.

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