Top five unique date ideas

1. Be a kid again!

Kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the cool grass at a local park. Taking a blanket and a picnic lunch or dinner provides a romantic feel that costs much less than going to a fancy restaurant.

The playground can take you back in time. Let your inner kid out and have a contest to see who can swing the highest!

Lorin Farr Park offers a scenic path down the Ogden River Parkway, which provides many beautiful places to stop and sneak a kiss, but any park will do to enjoy the outdoors and save money.

2. Take a trip to the zoo!

Stroll through the animal exhibits at the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. Hand in hand with your special someone, you can get to know each other better and enjoy exotic animals from around the world.

The bird exhibit is one of the most-attended attractions at the Hogle Zoo. Enjoy the entertainment of talking parakeets and the third largest eagle in the world.

Entrance into the Hogle Zoo is $14.95 per person. If you’re short on funds, try packing a picnic lunch. This doubles as a money-saver and a romantic gesture.

3. Let’s make a meal together!

Indulge in a mouth-watering homemade meal made by the two of you. Laugh and enjoy yourselves while preparing the meal, then turn the romance on by lighting some candles during dinner.

After dinner, satisfy your sweet tooth with some dessert. Check out for some easy dessert ideas such as no-bake cookies, buttermilk-strawberry shortcake and cherry pound cake.

4. Let’s go stargazing!

Cuddle up with your special someone underneath the stars. Mount Ogden Park is a great place, close to Weber State University, that can provide a romantic and calm atmosphere for the perfect stargazing experience.

Throughout the academic year, WSU offers free star parties on Wednesday nights at eight p.m. in the physics department observatory. You can schedule special access to the observatory for around $40 an hour for a fun and romantic evening.

5. Who are you tonight?

If you could choose to be different person, who would you be? For a twist on the traditional date, try role playing as someone else. By creating a disguise and fake names, you and your date can live in a world of make-believe for the evening. If you’re feeling ambitious you can always play around with fake accents as well.

For restaurant ideas, check out Ogden’s Historic 25th Street, or take the Frontrunner to Salt Lake and enjoy one of the many restaurants downtown.

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