KWCR Album of the Week: Sally Seltmann, ‘Hey Daydreamer’

I really admire female vocalists. Especially ones who don’t belt it out and have power in that way, but instead, songstresses who slowly and quietly build their voices into something truly incredible. Sally Seltmann is this type of songstress.

Her 2014 release, “Hey Daydreamer,” brings this Aussie contemporary pop star closer to home. Except for her hint of an accent that quietly reminds the listener of her roots.

The opening title track, “Hey Daydreamer,” incorporates all the instrumentals one would expect in a dream world, to a realistic degree. Her voice is so sweet and fleeing, like she is a bird singing to you in this dream world as she guides you through the album. Great track.

“Billy,” Track 2, reminds me a lot of singer/songwriter Feist, whom Seltmann has been known to collaborate with in the past — although this is a sound that is less haunting and more cheery than anything I’ve heard from Feist after her album “The Reminder.”

Seltmann is bringing a new range of sounds of the human emotion, especially with “The Small Hotel,” Track 3 on the album. This song is a folksy delight. The acoustics until the chorus are perfect and almost have a Zooey Deschanel of She & Him vibe, although Seltmann is less of an alto than Deschanel. Her voice I just can’t get over, and this track is my favorite on the album because of it.

Something I really admire about this album is the difference each song brings. What starts out sounding much darker molds into a country-style tune on Track 4. “Dear Mr. Heartless,” Track 5, on the other hand, has a simple melody, and it’s really the lyrics that matter in this song, as the melody takes a back seat until the bridge, nearly a minute and a half into the song.

Only a few tracks in, this album will have listeners hailing from most genres hooked because Seltmann offers just a little bit of everything. On a gleaming silver platter at that!

I give this album four out of five stars.

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