KWCR Album of the Week: War on Drugs, ‘Lost in the Dream’

Being put in a trance by steady dreamlike instrumentals is only the beginning of War on Drugs’ suitably titled album, “Lost in the Dream.” I’m a fan of their last album, “Slave Ambient,” and it’s always nice to see an artist define what is new in their music.

Coming from Philadelphia, War on Drugs brings a sensation similar to the artist Beck — a soft rock with drawn-out instrumentals and soothing melodies. Though I’m personally put off by the ’80s vibes surfacing in the first couple tracks, Track 3, “Suffering,” is a welcome shift, possessing faint tones of Neil Young.

“Eyes to the Wind” is my favorite track on this album. It starts off with a building hum picked up by an acoustic guitar and transitions into a melody suited for its rich lyrics. It takes me back to my ’60s roots and, I daresay, is somewhat Dylan-esque.

The following instrumental track, however, is an interesting mix in this album. Though I’m not a fan, I believe it adds to the dreamy quality.

War on Drugs makes a comeback with its last three tracks. I don’t think it was any accident, making them worth waiting for.

“Lost in the Dream” is my second-favorite track, followed by my third, “In Reverse,” which deserves to wrap up “Lost in the Dream.”

This War on Drugs is definitely a band I would recommend on exploring. They are a fresh twist on classic rock with their indie style. I give this album three stars.

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