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Nick Dynasty: Lose now to win later?

Twenty-five . . . that is the highest percent a team could have in obtaining the first overall pick in the NBA Draft. Finish with the worst record in the NBA the previous season, and the best odds a team can land the first pick is a mere 1 in 4? Not exactly the greatest. […]

The passing of the Black Friday ads on Thanksgiving is almost as sacred as pumpkin pie in my family. It is a time-honored tradition in our home. My sister Alyssa and I scheme on which stores are the most important to go to first. Plans are made, assignments are handed out to family members. It […]

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Researchers discover 3 new species in Australia

Scientists have found what is being called the discovery of a lifetime. On the northern tip of Queensland, Australia, three new previously undocumented species have been found. Scientists say their findings are a “lost world.” “Doing research is important to know as much as we can,” said Weber State University zoology professor John Mull. “We […]

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WSU hosts BYU professor for physics seminar

Wednesdays for a Wildcat typically consist of being thankful it isn’t Monday and wishing it were Friday. For students in the College of Science, though, Wednesdays consist of various seminars throughout the semester. “We do the seminars mostly every week about 80 percent of the semester,” said physics professor Michelle Arnold. “They’re mostly physics students, […]

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