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  1. Rafaela
    March 21, 2014

    recommend against minxig Video Sitemap entries with regular web Sitemap entries because Google is currently the only search engine that supports Video Sitemaps. That means that other search engines (which support that standard Sitemaps protocol, but not the video extension) may have touble reading your Sitemap.@Joshua: obeys the same rules as in regular (web) Sitemaps, which means it has to contain a URL on the same domain as the Sitemap it’s in, unless you’re submitting it to a search engine (like Google) that allows . can point to any domain (it doesn’t have to be on the same domain as ).@Michael:Pre-rolls are fine as long as they’re a reasonable length, and as long as the viewer doesn’t have to click anything or take any additional steps for the actual video to start playing once the ad is done.@Piers:We’re currently supporting mRSS on a trial basis for a few partners, and will continue to support those partners. But a Video Sitemap is the recommended method going forward.@Dave:It’s okay to list SWFs; just make sure to list a thumbnail for each, or we may have trouble indexing them.@David:As long as you provide the player and a thumbnail, we can list that video in our index (even though we may not download the actual video content).

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