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Forbes ranks Ogden 16th for business in U.S.

Ogden City residents have been seeing growth and developmental changes in the city for some time, and the city is being recognized for its efforts. The elite entrepreneurial Forbes magazine just ranked Ogden 16th on its list of the best places for business and careers in the United States. Even though over recent years the […]

As a senior, I look back at my college experience and marvel at its beauty. It has fun, and it has dissonance. It has boredom, and it has excitement. It has parties, and it has studies, though the studying is not as proportionate as it should have been. There has been a wonderful continuity throughout my […]

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Ogden’s Ziegfeld Theater puts its spin on ‘Joseph’

  The Ziegfeld Theater, just off the corner of 40th Street and Washington Boulevard, has revamped and revitalized the classic musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” While the production staff has left many classic elements of the show alone, many elements have been altered in order to entertain the audience’s imagination. “Joseph” includes a […]

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Jazz at the Station draws crowds

On Historic 25th Street, a person can encounter many different styles of everything from food to fashion and music to movies. One opportunity for students to experience live music on 25th Street is Jazz at the Station. Jazz at the Station is a free concert series held on the second Wednesday of every month at […]

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WSU volleyball to host Wildcat Weekend

The Weber State University volleyball team will kick off its season Friday with the Wildcat Weekend. The team will play four games in the span of two days. Teams from Grand Canyon University, Texas Tech University, Seattle University and the University of California, Riverside will all test each other and the Wildcats. WSU will open […]

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College of Arts & Humanities welcomes new PR director

The Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities has gained a new marketing and public relations director, Christie Denniston. She is scheduled to start work at the college on Sept. 1, and was originally hired at the beginning of the summer as the marketing and public relations director for the department of performing arts. […]

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