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WSU defeats Oral Roberts University in quarterfinals

The Weber State University men’s basketball team will head to the semifinal round of the CollegeInsider.com Tournament after defeating Oral Roberts University 83-74 in a close quarterfinal battle on Wednesday night. The Wildcats entered the game with exceptional play behind them during the tournament. After a 40-point victory over California Polytechnic State University and a […]

“A classic twist on an old tale” — I’m sure that cliche has made its way around plenty of circles. It basically means the media in question is taking an old familiar story or character or characters, keeping some of the original thematics, and then warping the rest beyond belief in an attempt to make […]

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Shaw Gallery displays Samanidou’s textile art

Intricate designs on woven fabric are currently displayed in the Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery. One piece of fabric stretches the entire gallery, nearly 30 feet long. Aisha Himro-Pinto, a senior art student, said she was impressed by the work of textile artist Ismini Samanidou, a Greek artist making the rounds at Weber State University. “She […]

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New professor leads WSU Percussion Ensemble

The Weber State University Percussion Ensemble, under the direction of Sam Bryson, has been practicing since the beginning of the semester for its big performance next week. As new leader of the ensemble and a new adjunct professor at WSU, Bryson has infused some new features into this concert. African drumming with special-ordered African costuming, […]

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Browning String Quartet preps for season’s last concert

The last concert of the Browning String Quartet’s season lineup has a lot of new material, according to Michael Palumbo, longtime viola player of the group. “Though we have done themes in the past, mostly everyone (in the group) will say, ‘Well, maybe we should try this piece, and maybe this piece’, and we come […]

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