Student fees allocated

The Student Fee Recommendation Committee made recommendations this week that, if ratified, will allot almost $500,000 to 22 different campus organizations for the 2013-14 school year.

Before the recommendations can be made official, each organization must accept the funding, and both the student senate and administration must approve them.

Of the $490,638 allotted, $451,325 will increase organizations’ yearly budgets. The committee gave $39,313 to organizations as one-time funding.

Members of the committee originally said they had $210,000 to allocate to campus organizations. However, Weber State University student body president Andrew Gardiner said some organizations had to receive the entire amount they requested and the committee didn’t even debate over how much to give them, and they didn’t include those amounts in their original statements.

For example, Campus Recreation received $199,728 to fund more than 30 additional positions required to run the expanded gym that is currently under construction.

Computer labs received a $24,474 base-budget increase to replace 102 computers at the Davis Information Commons Lab and the Science Learning Center and to replace two printers in the Shepherd Union Computer Lab. They also will open a laptop checkout lounge at the new Davis campus building, and these funds will pay student workers.

The Davis Learning Center received a $9,000 yearly increase for one-fourth of the salary and benefits of a receptionist to replace work that current salaried employees and student workers are juggling and sharing.

Davis programs received $18,000 to fund WSU programs that will open additional centers at the new Davis campus building.

Veterans Services received $8,910 to fund one-third of the salary and benefits of a new employee, since work-study students are only able legally to do a limited amount of work.

The committee debated other organizations’ requests and allocated the rest of the money available.

KWCR requested a one-time amount of $35,000 to help get the radio transmitter and antenna back to campus and replace parts after moving to a temporary location in Roy when the university tore down Promontory Tower last year. However, the committee allotted them no money.

Campus Recreation received a one-time fee of $2,000 to purchase race equipment it currently rents.

Computer labs also received a one-time fee of $5,450 to buy the computers and printers for the laptop checkout lounge at the new Davis campus building.

Athletics received a base-budget increase of $18,000 to fund Big Sky Conference fees, academic progress monitoring for all student-athletes since the NCAA upped the Graduation Success Rate for schools and the amount institutions are allowed to spend on students while recruiting.

The Community Involvement Center received a yearly budget increase of $45,000 to create an online service hours tracking system, rent a copy machine and fund a position which is currently funded through a grant that will expire in the summer.

The Counseling and Psychological Services Center received an $8,432 base-budget increase to cover half of the funding required to move one counselor from part-time to full-time.

Davis Services received a base-budget increase of $3,753 to aid programs that will support programs moving to the Davis campus and fund advertising. It also received a one-time increase of $1,900 to buy two new computers.

Weber State Debate received a base-budget increase of $1,804 to support increasing travel costs.

The Center for Students with Disabilities received a base-budget increase of $5,425 to help fund a full-time position at the Davis campus.

The Student Health Center received a base-budget increase of $6,042 to fund a new student position, increase benefits costs, upgrade equipment and pay for increased costs of medical equipment.

The WSU Department of Performing Arts received a base-budget increase of $4,338 to fund a prop manager position, increase the orchestra budget by 3 percent and fund costuming for the fall semester dance performance. It also received a one-time fee of $800 to upgrade sound equipment for the choral area.

The Signpost received $9,000 to fund staff positions created this year that are currently funded through money saved from switching printers.

Student Involvement and Leadership received a base-budget increase of $26,925 to fund StrengthsQuest development, graphic artists positions, increased attendance at service events, requests for more programming from the Center of Diversity and Unity, and support for student government at the Davis campus. It also received a one-time $4,000 funding for the new office startup equipment at Davis.

The Sustainability Fund received a base-budget increase of $16,000 to fund two student positions, additional sustainability projects and conference travel.

Studio 76 received a base-budget increase of $8,000 to fund staff expansion, travel and production. It also received a one-time increase of $800 to buy more studio lights.

The Office of Undergraduate Research received a one-time funding to support the research work of graduate students.

The Shepherd Union Building received a $5,000 base-funding increase to hire additional maintenance staff during weekends.

The USA Today Collegiate Readership Program received a $6,344 to provide more copies of the paper on campus and compensate for the rising cost of the service.

The UTA Ed Pass received a base-budget increase of $20,000 to pay a portion of the cost so students can still get the Ed Pass for $20.

The WSU Department of Visual Arts received a one-time increase of $15,000 to create a film and lecture series that will bring national and international speakers, scholars and film directors to campus.

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